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For me, art begins where it can simply be. Art needs no criticism, it needs viewers and people who live and experience it. In this way I have found my own way to creative art - I have made myself free from external influences and simply let my intuition run free. Finally I had arrived in art. Through my work as an occupational therapist in psychiatry, I know how important the expression of emotions is. It is not only basal for my patients to find a way to express themselves, I personally also use art as a way to express my feelings and experiences.


So I found Action Painting, it unites all the things that appealed to me about art as a medium of expression, variety of colours, dynamics and the demands of all the senses. The technical variations, which can be imaginatively extended at will, make Action Painting a holistic experience for me. Brushes, sponges, cloths, cups, bottles or bare hands are used, and I mainly use acrylic paints for my paintings. I design all my paintings on canvases made from recycled canvas - every painting is pure handicraft.


For my patients and clients, action painting means letting go in a safe environment, pushing boundaries, exploring new things, being detached from rules and guidelines, experiencing self-efficacy, getting to know yourself anew, being good as you are. In the end, there is only the subjective, aesthetic feeling of each individual. So I say: "He who paints is right!

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